Community Service and clubs

Community Service and Clubs

ASA High School students must volunteer a minimum of 20 hours of their time for Service Learning during each of the four high school years. Most students will exceed this total of 80 hours during their four years in HS. Students pick which organization they will work with this year they had a choice among organizations, such as Operation Smile, Techo, CONIN, Habitat for Humanity, Adoptame, Fundacion Solidaridad, Club Escuela Solidaria, Fe y Alegría, Po Paraguay, and Juntos por la Educacion, along with Clubs such as: Summer Boost, Peers for Peers, Global Issues Network (GIN) and others. All of these groups work in various sectors around Asuncion and Paraguay doing vital work to support the community. Students learn a variety of skills during their work, especially teamwork and leadership.